Automatic Filter Cleaning Program

“From Clogged to Cleaned”

Brandywine Septic Services, Inc. offers an Automatic Filter Cleaning Program that our customers can join for worry-free effluent filter maintenance.  Our team will set up a cleaning frequency with you that best fits your home and will automatically send a service technician out to clean your effluent filter – with no worry on your end!

What is an effluent filter? 

An effluent filter is an affordable and effective tool that will help prolong the life of your entire septic system and potentially prevent costly system repairs.  The effluent filter is a cylindrical, slotted device that allows the liquid waste to pass through the device but are small enough slots to capture larger solids from passing through and entering the drainfield.  

What is the purpose of an effluent filter?

Your effluent filter sits inside the outlet pipe to filter the solid material that does not settle.  This prevents a large quantity of solid material from moving through to the drainfield, which minimizes the risk of blockage and premature failure of the drainfield.  

How do I maintain my effluent filter?

Maintenance of your effluent filter is necessary, however very minimal.  Your effluent filter will collect a build up of solid waste over time, which will need to be cleared and washed off periodically.  The frequency of cleaning your effluent filter can vary depending on occupancy and usage patterns of the home.  Keep an eye out for signs that your filter may be clogged or due for its next cleaning.  These signs may include: 

  • Drains in the home seem slow or sluggish
  • Gurgling noises are heard coming from your drains around the home

*Please note that these signs could very well indicated a separate issue but checking your effluent filter condition is a good place to start!

Why is it important to keep up with maintenance?

If a filter is not cleaned as often as it needs to be, this can lead to system back-ups.  As the filter becomes full of solid material, less liquid can pass through.  Your tanks can then become overfull and potentially back up into your home.


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frequency recommendations

Upon completion of your filter cleaning, our technician will provide an updated frequency recommendation after each service to ensure your specific filter gets the appropriate attention is needs, with the right amount of time in between cleanings.

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