System Installation

With over 20 years of industry experience, you can trust Brandywine Septic Services, Inc. when it comes to your system installation needs. Whether you have a failing system that needs a full replacement, a vacant lot you plan to build on, or a major system component that needs replaced – we are the crew for you. Our installation teams and office administration provide quality craftsmanship and service to ensure your installation is a seamless process from start to finish. Below is a brief overview of the installation process and what to expect:

Getting Started

Our office administration will assist customers with the beginning steps of a system installation. From assisting with your permit application, keeping you informed with your soil and percolation testing dates, to placing the PA One call for utilities to be marked prior to digging. Our office team will keep you informed and up to date and will always be readily available for questions along the way.


Our installation teams are made up of our respectful, well-trained Lead Field Technicians and Field Technicians who bring a wealth of knowledge to the jobsite. They will work attentively through your installation and will be available to answer any questions you may have while on site.

Job Complete!

Once your installation is complete, a final inspection will occur with the appropriate local and state agencies if applicable to sign off on your permit and the job. Once completed, one of our team members will do a final “walk-through” with you to ensure you are educated on your new system and that proper maintenance recommendations are given.

Types of Systems

  • Basic Gravity system, gravel, no pumps
  • Lift pump system to gravity bed or trenches
  • Subsurface sand filter, pressure dosed sand lined bed or trenches
  • Elevated sand mound
  • Drip irrigation
  • Stream discharge/small flows

Why Choose Brandywine Septic for your system installation?

Our commitment is to give each customer the same attention, sense of urgency, and successfully compeleted job, every time–no matter how small or how complex the job.

Exceptional Customer SErvice

From our office staff, to our technicians – we provide kind, courteous and prompt customer service for every customer and every job.

Skillfully Trained Technicians

Our technicians are trained in their trade, professional in mannerism, and come with a wealth of knowledge ready to share

Reliable & Efficient Equipment

We are continuously maintaining, modifying and replacing vital pieces of equipment when the time’s right to ensure timely jobs without unnecessary delays.

High Quality Landscape Supplier

One of the final steps in an installation or major repair is final grade and seeding. We use only the best products for our customer’s yard to ensure positive grass growth in no time (when proper care is given to the area).

Quality Assurance

Our installation teams provide a great attention to detail and pristine craftsmanship on every system installation. We provide quality you can count on.

Trustworthy Relationship

Our relationship doesn’t end after an installation is complete, but continues on by providing routine maintenance and support throughout the lifespan of your system.

Need a new septic system installed?

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system installation
system install
system installation
system installation
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