Is My Septic System Malfunctioning?

Occasionally, septic systems will malfunction and require some level of attention and repair. Things such as lush, green vegetation growth, a constant surfacing of effluent around the septic system area and backing up of sewage into the home can all be indicators of a system malfunction. The cause of a system malfunction could be due to the age of the system, a damaged component due to natural change of site conditions, a lack of system maintenance, typical weather condition on the property, or a combination of these. Malfunctions of the system may be able to be addressed with a specific repair, but some malfunctions of the system may indicate it is time for a new septic system.
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A few helpful tips for maintaining your septic system…
1. Routine pumping of your septic system every 2-3 years. Having your septic tanks emptied out and inspected on a regular basis can catch minor issues or necessary repairs early resulting in a longer lifespan for your septic system
2. Replacing building sewer lines that may have been damaged by natural effects such as ground settling, heavy equipment operated over the system area, etc.
3. Surface water diversion. If you notice a consistent pattern of ground water puddling after a weather event near your system’s absorption area, it may be beneficial to have some work done around the area to help divert water from saturating that area.

If the system is deemed “failing”, a new septic system will be necessary for the property. All major and minor septic system repairs will require a permit from the appropriate Health Department, Township, etc. by State law. Our team is licensed and certified in all areas, and ready to help maintain your septic system today!